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RE: [IP] Re: angiography and/or laser

> Anybody ever had angiography done to detect the extent of problems with
their eyes?

	Yes, I've had several of them done!  My doctor used a carrot dye so that it
was non allergenic.  The regular dye they used made patients want to vomit
so he opted for this one.  I never had any problems with it except for
urinating a day glo yellow.

	The more you drink, the faster the dye goes through your system.

	They first take some pictures without injecting the dye then they inject
the dye and take a series of very fast pictures.

	The worst is trying to keep your eyes wide open and not blink while they
are shooting a flash into your eyes but if you don't think about it and just
keep your eyes opened wide, it's no big deal.

	You might be seeing orange for a while, you know, like after someone takes
a lot of flash pictures of you, only this is more intense as it is flashing
right into your eye, but it goes away quickly.

	It is a painless test and one that is pretty necessary to be specific in a
good diagnosis.

	good luck.

	Kathy Bruckmeyer
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