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[IP] Re: angiography and/or laser

Here is what I experienced, nearly 17 yrs ago....

They inject the dye in to your arm, it travels quickly to your vessels in
the eye, they take pictures QUICKLY to follow what happens/doesn't happen
(i.e. circulation & blockages, as well as leakages)

It did not take long, and was not painful except in MY CASE, I have an
allergy to the stuff, the yellow stuff they injected gave me hives about a
half hour later :-)

Interestingly enough the yellow stuff they inject exits your body in the
urine, so you will have a discolored flow, the more you drink the faster you
get rid of it :-)  skin tone was 'jaundice looking for about 2 hrs for me,

the surgery was done under anesthesia (local, I as not 'out') and was not
bad, but for 3 days after, I did take the prescribed pain meds, so that I
could get rest, as it was uncomfortable....I returned to work within a week
or so, I think, but did not drive for several, as it gave me a headache to
'use' just one eye  After the first 3 days, the pain was gone

for me, going to someone else's place for the few days, so I could take pain
meds and be monitored was a blessing!! and necessary....so that I was not
the primary one responsible for knowing the time (when you rest a lot, time
is hard to put in its place) taking meds, not over dosing, etc <a temporary
keeper of sorts!!>


who has not really thought about this for a LONG time, and is so excited to
hear 'no change' or 'stable' at each eye appt now!!

----- Original Message ----- >
> Anybody ever had angiography done to detect the extent of problems with
> their eyes?  I just saw the eye doc and he says I have neovascularization,
> and he wants to do this thing where they inject dye into you so they can
> the blood vessels in the eye.  I'd really like to hear from anybody who
> had this done, and also anybody who has had photocoagulation laser
> He said I will probably have to have that done soon as well.  Sigh.
> Thanks
> Julie
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