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[IP] Re: getting the courage up to...just stick it

I could never give an injection in my abdoman.  I used to pass out!!! Really! 
 I still hate to do the abdoman insertion of the set but I steel myself to do 
it.  Some days I sit there, like you, and have to coax myself to do it, 
 eapecially if I hit blood and have to redo the set!!! My six year old called me
baby the other day because I was actually crying cause the first site hurt so 
bad then I had to do it all over again due to blood in the canula.  Oh well, 
guess I was being a bit of a baby!!!  Had a steroid injection in my eye 2 days 
later and didn't even flinch!!!  The 6 year old had stitches in her eyelid and 
didn't flinch so guess she had reason to see me as being a bit of a baby!!!  
Oh well, life goes on!!!  (It's better than 4 to 6 injections a day!!!)

Debbie and her set of Disetronics--Magnum and Maggie IP
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