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Re: [IP] angiography and/or laser treatment?

On 7/22/03 3:32 PM, "Julie Murphy" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills by writing:

> Anybody ever had angiography done to detect the extent of problems with
> their eyes?  I just saw the eye doc and he says I have neovascularization,
> and he wants to do this thing where they inject dye into you so they can see
> the blood vessels in the eye.  I'd really like to hear from anybody who has
> had this done, and also anybody who has had photocoagulation laser surgery.
> He said I will probably have to have that done soon as well.  Sigh.
> Thanks
> Julie

My condition is retinopathy of prematurity, which means I was 3 months
preemie and over exposed to Oxygen in the incubator.

When I go for eye exams, usually they know about this. But we all have a
newbie occasionally, so they were freaking out once at UCI Med center,
thinking I had this neovascularization thing going on.

I went for a fluorescent angiogram and they found *my* vessels were from the
ROP and the head ophthalmologist / retinologist said I've had this probably
all my life. It's quite simple really, they inject the dye and you sit with
a camera type thing 'popping'; into your eye. No pain, no big flashes and
such. Whole thing itself took only about 30 minutes (excluding the waiting
room beforehand, read 1 1/2 hours for THAT :-)

On Sept. 9, 2003 I will have had this 'betes for 19 years. They're all more
fearful of the ROP causing damage than the 'betes. This year's exam again,
noted no changes. Consequently, no laser treatments.

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