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RE: [IP] Getting up the courage to...just stick it!

I'm the same way Ryan, injections in the arms or legs and I don't feel a
thing but my abdominal area is a different story. I got some emla cream from
a Canadian pharmacy and although it is a bit of a hassle to go through the
procedure of using it, I do not feel the insertion of the infusion needle
and cannula. You put a blob of the cream on and cover it with a plastic
and wait 1 hour. The first time I inserted the infusion set it really hurt
and I didn't get it in right because I didn't do it fast enough because of
the pain, both physically and probably in my head too. When everything is
deadened there is no problem with quickly inserting it.

Miss Chicken

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This is meant to just be an informal survey/discussion out of
curiousity.  :-)

For years on injections, I was able to very easily tell where to or not
to inject by just slightly tapping the skin with the needle before
penetrating the skin.  No problem, and I avoided it hurting most of the

Then came pumping.  The one area that I had avoided like the plague was
the one area that is most preferred for pump users:  the abdomen.

So, I have forced myself to insert the infusion set in the abdomen area
(basically, on either side of the belly button).

My problem is that MOST of the time it hurts a LOT...but ONLY at the
moment of insertion.  After that, I can't feel it at all.  So, I find
myself holding the QuickSerter having to "coach" myself:  "Okay...just
press the buttons.  You can do it!  Go!"  Sometimes my fingers just
don't want to obey.  :-)

I have learned that the LOWER on the abs I do it, the less painful.
And, on occasion, I have a completely painless insertion.  I noticed no
difference whether I used the inserter or not.  In fact, the few times
I used to give injections in the abs, it hurt just as badly.

So, how many other people have to go through a ritual to get the
infusion site in?  Am I the only person who finds the belly area
extremely sensitive to this?  Just curious!
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