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[IP] Re: no subject

Liz, I would suggest you call up the pump companies (go to the IP web
site and it will lead you to the home pages of the pump companies). 
Tell them you are interested in getting a pump.  

They will send you videos of their pumps and then put you in contact
with their local rep, who should be willing to come to your home and
demo their product for you.  That way you'll begin to understand how
each pump works and what features each one has, and what might be of
benefit to you.  You can hold them and touch them and see which ones
might be easiest for you to manage.

Next, when you find one you like, see what is covered by your insurance
company.  I also have Aetna, and know that under my policy, Animas,
MiniMed, Disetronic, and Deltec all are contracted suppliers.  Read as
much as you can and ask questions.  

Come to the chats with the different pump reps that the list has.  I
know there are Nipro, Deltec and MiniMed chats coming up before the end
of the month.  There is a lot of learn but you have to see what fits
your needs best.  Many people think their pump is best - and it may be
best of them but may not be for you.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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