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[IP] Re: Bent intro.needles

Anna, that "some people can't use the sil-serter" is a non-answer answer. It
doesn't help you and it does not help MiniMed's reputation. Think about it;
If you just can't use a serter then just what is it about you that is
causing  the problem? Do you have a physical handicap? Are there language
problems? Or what? It seems more likely that a few minutes with a pump
trainer could solve this problem. I guess that this detail was not offered.
Now, my answer.
    Assuming that your batch of sils are OK , I think that the answer is in
the mechanics. If everything is in one straight line as you insert there is
nothing that could make the needle bend.(I am assuming that you don't have
dense knots of scar tissue that might deflect the shot.) Bending means that
within that less-than-one-second, some thing is not staying lined up as the
needle goes into the skin. The motion of the button finger should be smooth
and lined up with the needle and nothing should make the body of the serter
move as the needle goes in. If you can do the things in this last sentence I
would be very surprised if the bending problem was still there.

> Subject: [IP] sil-serter and bent introducer needle
> Hello everyone...I did search the archives for this
> subject matter, but would still like to know if any
> one has any input:
> I tried the sil-serter yesterday afternoon for the
> first time (on a bum site_ and I loved how it went in
> so fast and didn't hurt at all, but when I pulled out
> the introducer needle it was bent - This made me
> nervous so I pulled it out after 1/2 an hour and the
> cannula looked like the letter 'c' sort of curved.
> I tried three more insertions and each one resulted in
> a bent introducer needle.  Blood on one hip and in my
> belly, too.
> Sigh. I called Mini med and we tried to figure out
> what went wrong but he said 'some people can't use the
> sil-serter'.
> Has anyone had good blood sugar numbers after
> inserting a sil and finding a bent introducer needle?
> Thanks!
> Anna
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