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[IP] Re: insurance

    These details are interesting but the crux of the process is just what
is a medical necessity? What does the doc say? At various times I have heard
it was the A1c , the number of lows or highs or hypo unawareness. The posts
are hinting that it is only the physician's judgement -without criteria.
Does that sound like an insurance company is in the vicinity?

 Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 00:31:20 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] approval for pump by insurance co.
> Becky,
>   Most insurance companies want to see a letter of medical necessity from
>  your doc to get things going. AFter that the companies all vary. If you have
> doc who is pro-pump or atleast pro-YOU then that is your first step.
> For this upgrade to the Deltec, first I had to be very instrumental in
>  getting Deltec on contract with the insurance company. Once that was done I
> wrote a
> letter asking about insurance co. policy to allow upgrade prior to warrantee
> expiring.  I got a phone call from the Director/MD in charge and he said he
> would consider it.  Endo put in the request via the computer and two weeks
>  letter I had our approval letter. It was AFTER the approval that endo put in
> the
> letter of medical necessity but by then things were in the works for the
> upgrade.
> Sylvia
> mom to Jsohua
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