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[IP] Low Carb Diets

I was on the Bernstein diet for over a year...when I was trying to avoid 
going on insulin. Truthfully I felt great and loved the food, but
I think it made me "carb-phobic" and set me up for increased overeating. 
I have since weaned myself from it, and am in the final stages
of getting heavy cream, nuts and Brie cheese out of my life.  It was 
also exceedingly difficult to eat anywhere besides home. And
impossible to stay on faithfully. I found myself in the raspberry patch 
eating handfuls of  'forbidden fruit'.

Now that I have developped LADA and need insulin I am much happier 
having my blood sugars be about insulin, and not
about how much I avoid carbohydrates. Indeed, the moment I find myself 
thinking " I can't have that", or "I feel ripped off since
I'm not supposed to eat that", I figure out how much of it I really 
want/need and dial in the CHOs on my pump.

Ann Warrington
Deltec Cozmo since 6/03
Insulin dependent since  12/1998
Diagnosed with hypoglycemia 11/1996
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