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[IP] Welcome Julie Adams


Welcome to this site.  I hope you find this site as helpful as most of us
newly diagnosed diabetics do.  I too was diagnosed at 25 (last year.)  I
started pumping within ~4months of being diagnosed (and still said, I wish I
had started earlier.)  I was however the only diabetic in my family.  I read
every book on the bookstore on diabetes T1 and then moved on to this site.
What you learn here you will not learn anywhere else.  I still read a lot of
trials, papers, and magazines but for practical info, this is the best site.

There are a lot of pump manufacturers out there today.  I am sure you will
find one that suits your needs.  I am NOT in the medical field but am in
'Corporate America' where taking daily breaks for 'snacks' and
hard-scheduled-lunches were not conducive to career growth.  Since I started
pumping I was back to my old type-A all day working self.

Most people wish they had started pumping earlier so if you are interested
don't sit on it for too long.  I do recommend you talk to all pump
manufactures and 'test drive' (with saline) their pumps AND infusion sets.  

Feel free to ask any questions here.  More than likely you will get a few
people sharing their experiences on your topic of interested/concern.

FYI, YMMV means Your Mileage May Vary (its a disclaimer that we use to say
that what ever being discuss works for that particular person but may or may
not work for you - Diabetes as you probably know is a very personalized
decease - What works for some does not for others.)  Also, many people
(including Moi) have named their pumps and you will find people sing their
name and their pumps name (it confused me a the beginning.)  Many of the new
people have to ask about the YMMV and the naming so, now you know! :o)

Eloisa and Libertad (MM's 511 Paradigm)
dx'd 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02


"Julie Adams" <email @ redacted> wrote:

  I was diagnosed with IDDM less than 1 year ago, at the age of 25. 
I'm currently on a multi-dose regimen, but am interested in getting 
on the pump. Fitting diabetes management into my schedule as an 
orthopedic surgery resident is a challenge right now! My dad, also a 
type I, loves his pump, and is a great support for me. I'd like to 
hear from others who are facing similar challenges in their diabetes 
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