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Re: [IP] Free Insulin.

Perhaps so, but I didn't list all of the advantages.  On the 4-shot NPH 
regimen, I was able to have fewer lows, and avoid the dawn phenomenon 
that I experienced heavily on Lantus.  Also, the 6.9 was the LAST A1c 
that I had on the 4-shot NPH before switching to Lantus.  My switch to 
Lantus resulted in A1c levels back to 7.1, which resulted in more lows 
as well as more morning highs.

Had I continued on the 4-shot NPH regimen, I'm sure that my A1c levels 
would have dropped a bit more...probably to the 6.7 range.  I was on a 
downward trend as I perfected my basal rates.

Anyhow, as I mentioned...it is all pointless now, since I'm on the 
pump.  :-)  But, for those who are not yet, you really CAN get better 
control (albeit with less convenience) on NPH than you can on Lantus if 
you are willing to switch to a 3 or 4 shot-a-day regimen (in addition 
to any additional bolus amounts).

(BTW, my doctor pushed Lantus so much because he was one of the doctors 
who conducted the research trials on it before it came out.  He claimed 
that it would do what I was attempting to do with the 4 shots of 
NPH...creating a steady basal.  He forgot, however, that my basal rate 
throughout the day is NOT steady.  :-)  After a year on Lantus, I 
switched to pumping.


>>   I managed to get a 6.9 A1c with the 4-shot NPH regimen.  Lantus, 
>my >  lowest was 7.1.
>Keep in mind, there is no stastical difference between a 6.9 and a 7.1 
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