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RE: [IP] my war with my body

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:14:40 -0400, Laura Gulley wrote:
> Miki,
> I am so sorry you're having those severe lows, and
> having to worry about 
> other people taking care of you. That is scary and
> difficult. I wish you 
> luck with this and I think you can make this
> better--hang in there.
I know, but i was so lost sunday....everyone was giving
me garbage about knowing better and with two
exceptions, i didn't knwo what i could have done
> I'm also very sensitive to insulin and my absorption
> and sensitivity vary a 
> great deal with exercise and hot weather. If I'm in a
> high-activity 
> environment like your retreat, with constant walking,
> exercise and heat, I 
> lower my basals by .1 or .2 across the board as well
> the extra food and 
> conservative bolusing you described. Also, my meter
> raisins/juice/lifesavers go with me everywhere, no
> exceptions. I test every 
> hour if I need to--you can get to be incredibly fast
> and discreet and good 
> at testing while walking, biking, conversing, etc. I'm
> less aware of lows 
> during high activity, and I'd rather catch an
> low with my meter 
> during a routine hourly test, then wait till I feel
> something and am at 40 
> and about to crash.
yah, no exceptions.  It was a pretty good day.  I did
the whole thing with the meter and alarm watch on my
person, except the party, and in order to do that i
left the whole kit and caboodle in a cabin i wasn't
sleeping in... But i felt fine at bedtime, least i'd
have registered is an 80, and i spose there's a chance
i'd have wandered down for some fudge when i saw the
80, but i felt 100.  I felt fine at bedtime... And with
trying to stick to a diet plan, i'd modified it for the
trip, but i guess not enough.

All i could have done was eat fudge at bedtime which
i'd have liked to do while i ate caramel flavored light
yoghurt instead.  

Or have my meter and hope it reg'd under 100 so i'd
think to treat it with the aforementioned fudge.

> So keep your meter on your person, keep trying, and
> know that there's other 
> people that understand this frustrating business very
> well. What a lot of 
> work it is sometimes. Best of luck to you.
> Laura G.
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Miki Tracey
email @ redacted

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