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RE: [IP] my war with my body


I am so sorry you're having those severe lows, and having to worry about 
other people taking care of you. That is scary and difficult. I wish you 
luck with this and I think you can make this better--hang in there.

I'm also very sensitive to insulin and my absorption and sensitivity vary a 
great deal with exercise and hot weather. If I'm in a high-activity 
environment like your retreat, with constant walking, exercise and heat, I 
lower my basals by .1 or .2 across the board as well as the extra food and 
conservative bolusing you described. Also, my meter and 
raisins/juice/lifesavers go with me everywhere, no exceptions. I test every 
hour if I need to--you can get to be incredibly fast and discreet and good 
at testing while walking, biking, conversing, etc. I'm less aware of lows 
during high activity, and I'd rather catch an incipient low with my meter 
during a routine hourly test, then wait till I feel something and am at 40 
and about to crash.

So keep your meter on your person, keep trying, and know that there's other 
people that understand this frustrating business very well. What a lot of 
work it is sometimes. Best of luck to you.

Laura G.
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