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No Subject

  Hi, I'm Liz and I've been just reading for about the last week trying to get a
feel for the list...I am not currently on a pump but my endo and I are trying to
get me on one. However, we face a daunting task since my insurance company seems
to be in the dark ages when it comes to type 2's. Or so it seems when I read
what little I can find. I have Aetna Open Access and am covered for DME for 75%
after the deductible which we have already met for the year so now is the
perfect time for me to get it. Okay, with that said, my endo gave me the names
of two possible pumps to look at and decide between. Knowing very little, I
don't know what I am looking at or for. He suggested I look at the Animas or the
Minimed. Now I have heard of the MM (yes, I've caught on to the shorthand
already) cause I believe that is what my type I stepdaughter has but since I
haven't seen it in several years, I am not sure. And we were under Blue Cross
Blue Shield when we got hers anyway. So I am lookin
  g for suggestions as to which I should look at and why? I am 49 and not
extremely active. I have peripheral neuropathy and I also have Benign Essential
Tremors (acts like Parkinson's). The tremors is one of the reasons I need to go
on the pump. I am dangerous to myself with a needle but a multiple injection
routine is necessary for me to keep my bg's down where they need to be. In the
year since I have been on insulin at MY request, I have gone from a 7.4 to a
5.7. I use lantus and humalog (the pen). The lantus is the dangerous one for me,
:) I'm looking forward to any and all suggestions. Liz "Risk more than others
think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think
is practical. Expect more than others think is possible." - Cadet maxim, U.S.
Military Academy, West Point

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