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Re: [IP] What about the one touch ultra?

I am SOOOOOOOO jealous!  One of my life goals, and I
am serious about this, is to meet the King.  Well, at
least tell him that there is a little gal out there
who plays the blues who thinks that he is the
greatest.  Blessings, and enjoy your trip.  Cynthia
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>  Just want to say that I love my One Touch Ultra
> also, for the size and the
> speed, and especially cause I won the LifeScan "Have
> Lunch With BB King" contest
> and I'm headed to Las Vegas tomorrow to do just
> that.
> Woo hoo! 
>  (Also, I was curious if the other winner was a
> pumper - if so, see you on
> Friday!)
> Jhenn
> >>> email @ redacted 07/18/03 04:10pm >>>
> OMG!  The Ultra is the bomb. I love mine and I have
> used most of those on the market.  My little guy has
> endured over two years without a battery change or
> hiccup...and hey, if BB King likes it, it can't be
> all
> bad cuz he's the bomb too :-)  Cynthia
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