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[IP] 47 years--Advice

This summer marks 47 years of insulin dependence.   I have been pumping since 
January 2000.
W. C.   Fields in one of his movies had a cure for insomnia:   "GET PLENTY OF 
SLEEP!"   I saw my local internist yesterday and he said that he didn't think 
there would be a cure for diabetes for at least ten years.   My advice to 
 diabetics, based on personal experience, the only kind I have ever had, is
GET PLENTY OF EXERCISE!   My circulation is still excellent and I have no 
 retinopathy. I do the treadmill everyday. Treadmills can be boring and a pain
but I do it with good loud music and good pictures to look at.   I prefer 
Country and Western music and Bluegrass and   all kinds of pictures of good 
things to look at.

My other piece of advice would be to turn off the TV.   Get out and do 

I have had problems with the new BD meters.   I prefer the One Touch and will 
keep that as a spare.   Both of my first meters showed BGs of over 200 on 
 their test solution. I had corrected for an unexpected high and was sweating
in no time at all.   And this was in the middle of a duplicate bridge 
 tournament. BD did send me two new meters. Just last week on a very humid
neither one of the meters would work.   After I used the hair dryer to dry 
them off a little, they did work.   The best thing about the meter is that it 
requires very little blood.   

There aren't very many pumpers up here in Northern New York and I show it off 
to anyone who wants to see it.   
Thank you,
Jim Durr, retired Kindergarten teacher 
Ogdensburg, NY
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