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Re: [IP] approval for pump by insurance co.


  Most insurance companies want to see a letter of medical necessity from 
 your doc to get things going. AFter that the companies all vary. If you have a
doc who is pro-pump or atleast pro-YOU then that is your first step.

With Josh's first pump his endo put the request in the computer to the 
insurance company (we are retired military so we are talking a govt. insurance 
 company) and the next MORNING the insurance co. calls me with the approval. The
next DAY Dis is calling us to ask what color pumps Josh wants.  The next day 
they were in the mail!!!!!   NO LIE.

For this upgrade to the Deltec, first I had to be very instrumental in 
 getting Deltec on contract with the insurance company. Once that was done I
wrote a
letter asking about insurance co. policy to allow upgrade prior to warrantee 
expiring.  I got a phone call from the Director/MD in charge and he said he 
would consider it.  Endo put in the request via the computer and two weeks 
 letter I had our approval letter. It was AFTER the approval that endo put in
letter of medical necessity but by then things were in the works for the 

So you see, you never know until after get things started.  If a company is 
not under contract with your insurance then get the area rep with your doc and 
get that company onboard.  You do NOT have to settle.

mom to Jsohua
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