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[IP] Re: BD Logic

I got the BD Logic about two weeks ago.  So far, I definitely like it 
better than the Ultra (which I used before) -- the main reason being that 
it uses about a third of the blood of the Ultra!  I also find the memory 
feature to be more convenient -- you don't have to wait forever for your 
memory readings to appear on the screen, and you can scroll back and forth 
through them (with the Ultra, you could only scroll back).  I guess the 
Logic also has an optional feature where you can enter your insulin 
doses.  I haven't experimented with that yet, but it might be worthwhile to 

As for error messages -- I have found that if I don't get enough blood in 
the strip on the first try, and have to add more, it will usually result in 
an error. But other than that, I really haven't had a problem with 
"unexplained" error messages (I think I may have had one "unexplained" 
error since I've had the meter).  And of course, the Ultra would often 
start the "countdown" without enough blood, and also give you an error!

I do agree with what others have said about the BD lancets!  Not only do 
they seem less painful, but I've also had less of a problem with my fingers 
continuing to bleed after testing.  Part of this might be the fact that I 
have the depth setting lower than I did with the Ultra, since I need less 
blood for the Logic, but I'm sure part of it is also the lancets themselves.

One thing the Ultra people DID get right, though -- the carrying case!  The 
Logic case is probably at least twice the size of the Ultra case. What in 
the world is the point of making a small meter, and then designing a huge 
case for it?  Oh well.....it still fits in my bag/purse okay....but I'd 
rather it be smaller.

But overall, I'm happy with the Logic and will stick with it.  I'll even 
pay an extra $10 a month for the strips since they aren't "formulary" on my 
insurance (I'm hoping maybe once the meter catches on and is a little more 
widely used, they'll be added to the formulary).

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