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Re: [IP] Re: Thallium Stress Test

In a message dated 7/20/2003 4:03:20 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

>>  BTW, you just lie there with a thallium stress test so no activity
>>  that would cause you to go low.

Linda & Dax  email @ redacted answered:

>  There are two kinds (at least) of tests. There is one where they chemically
>  make your heart work and do the test. They also do one where you are on a
>  treadmill. They inject the dyes - take baseline pictures - then you go and
>  exercise on the treadmill, they monitor your vitals - and then back into the
>  to take the pics.

Hal at email @ redacted response:

Having experienced several thallium stress tests, I can assure you that, as
the name implies, you must get your heart working very hard (stressed) during
the procedure.  That can be accomplished one of two ways.

(A) The vast majority of the time, this is accomplished by having patients
walk on a treadmill that is both speeded up, and the incline increased, until
their heart is pounding and the patient is totally exhausted.

(B) Infrequently, a patient's heart can be stimulated chemically, to really
pound when they do not have the stamina to walk on the treadmill.  This too
results in exhaustion.

I find that if I start the thallium test with a blood sugar of 150 to 250 mg%
and disconnect my insulin pump during the procedure, my blood sugar ends up
normal after the procedure, but as we always say YMMV.

For more information on Thallium Tests see:

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