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RE: [IP] my war with my body


I truly feel for you as you sound like you're on a roller coaster a lot and
I know from experience that it's no fun at all.

I always found when I was away at Girl Scout Camp with my girls that no
matter what I tried to do right, my b.g. would crash and that was way, way
before pumps!!!

And now that I'm on the pump, I find that even going to the mall and walking
the whole mall causes me to crash (and believe me, we do not have a very
large mall)

Some days I can be gardening and b.g. will go high and other days will
crash.  No rhyme or reason.

All I can tell you is to definitely carry glucose tabs with you and small
packaged snacks and check your b.g. often.  If you start crashing and can't
feel it, then while you're out and about you must check your b.g. at least
every two hours at the least.  This will give you a better idea of where
your b.g.'s are so you don't crash and wind up in an emergency room.

Remember that any exercise can cause your b.g. to go either way so our first
defense is to check very often and to adjust.  If you see you are at a
certain point, and you know your body the best, then eat a small snack.

I know it's a pain in the butt but slowly and surely you will get to know
your body better and better and will be able to know how much to bolus and
how much to eat, etc. etc.

Just hang in there.  It will work out in the end and you know, if your b.g.
aren't perfect?  Well, you are doing the very best that you can and that's
all one can ask for.  Some of us are prone to having crashes or elevations
in b.g.'s for no reason while others can keep perfect b.g.'s all the time.

Your miles may vary just like everyone else.  No two diabetics are exactly
alike and you are unique and special...just keep saying that to yourself and

Kathy B.
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