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RE:[IP] BD Logic


The temperature range for the Ultra is near freezing to over 100 degrees.  I
hardly ever get a hot or cold message with it.  The BD logic isn't as wide
atemp range, and working and spending time outdoors makes this important.

I never have a problem getting enough blood for the Ultra. If I bleed enough
for the Logic, I'll have enough for the Ultra.

Also, I just don't see much benefit over the Ultra, and am resistant to
change.  I do like the lancet, though.

Maybe I'll change one of these days.  It might be nice not having to print
out blood sugars before going to endo, just take meter and show him that.


I haven't tried the BD Logic, but thought that if my One Touch Ultra
would die, I would try it.  What about it do you all not like?  From
the descriptions, it SEEMS like it is better than all other meters...

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