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Subject: [IP] sil-serter and bent introducer needle

Hi Anna!
I have had this happen a zillion times...sometimes I have no problem with
the site sometimes it's like I'm not even connected...but always worrying is
a pain in the butt....
I actually hand insert my sils because my skin is so stretched (7 months
pregnant with a bigger than average baby boy--then again I was 11.5 lbs at
birth!) and found it to be more reliable...I now only use the silserter on
my hips and very occasionally and again sometimes it's bent sometimes it's
fine..and sometimes when it's bent it still works great....
Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
email @ redacted
type 1- 10 years
pumping 2.5 years
27.5 weeks pregnant with Alex- a very active little boy!

Subject: [IP] sil-serter and bent introducer needle

Hello everyone...I did search the archives for this
subject matter, but would still like to know if any
one has any input:

I tried the sil-serter yesterday afternoon for the
first time (on a bum site_ and I loved how it went in
so fast and didn't hurt at all, but when I pulled out
the introducer needle it was bent - This made me
nervous so I pulled it out after 1/2 an hour and the
cannula looked like the letter 'c' sort of curved.
I tried three more insertions and each one resulted in
a bent introducer needle.  Blood on one hip and in my
belly, too.

Sigh. I called Mini med and we tried to figure out
what went wrong but he said 'some people can't use the
Has anyone had good blood sugar numbers after
inserting a sil and finding a bent introducer needle?

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