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Re: [IP] Re: pumps and wedding gowns

> piece dress was out of the question. Anyway, does Minimed sell items such as
> the
 > thigh strap or waist strap? I'm also considering finally attempting to make
> remote work for my pump, so that I can hide the pump somewhere in the depths
> of
> this huge dress and not have to worry about digging it out in the middle of
> the
> day.

MM does sell the thigh strap and the waist strap I have both.  The thigh
strap works for me but my thighs are probably bigger than yours.

When I am in weddings I find that setting the pump to vibrate and using the
remote works great.  That way you don't have to worry about not hearing your
pump, it gets hard when there is a lot of noise.

Just as a side note, you can probably use the thigh strap around your waist
because it comes that long. I was able to just  put it around my waist and I
am a size 10. But after you get it you cut off what you do not need.  The
difference between the thigh and the waist is that on the thigh it hangs
vertically and on the waist it is horizontal.

I do hope that this information helps. I got married before the pump entered
my life but if I would have had a pump my seamstress would have had fun
figuring out what to do (My Mom made my wonderful dress).
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