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Re: [IP] my war with my body

>  in two months i've dropped a point from my a1c.
> But even though i carried a 200 all day as soon as i
> tried to bring it down, i crashed.
> The absolute only thing i could have done different
> would have been get up, go up the hill to where i'd
> left my meter and test at bedtime.  And if my sugar had
> been over 100, since it was 203 at 8pm it could have
> been, then what?
> I'm past the upset period where i'm grasping for what i
> can do, thankfully, this post last night would have
> been far less coherent.  But I need options.  the
> exercise isn't going away, the trips aren't going away,
> my basal rates are 100% better (though i don't think
> they're 100% right yet) and i'm eating right...
> So what's left?  I spose i could have had fudge
> saturday night, but i passed on it because i'm trying
> to eat right, and because of another disease i have
> that makes eating anything i didn't make slightly
> dangerous.  i ate light yoghurt for desert.  RIGHT
> before bed.  All of my meals were slightly oversized,
> and i took a sum total of six units of isulin as
> boluses all day. (i usually take 12-14)
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