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Re: [IP] pumps and wedding gowns

I just got married in March and went through the same thing.  The thigh
thingy has never worked for me, neither has putting it in my bra.  I got
some thigh high stockings and a bustier with garter thingys to hold up the
stockings.  I clipped my pump to those.  IT worked like a charm.  I'm in my
sister-in-laws wedding in October, and for my bridesmaid dress I am having
the seamstress sew a little pocket into the inside of the dress just below
the waist where the skirt flares out a little.  If you are having your dress
altered you might want to ask them how much it would cost to do that.  Also,
I have heard a great idea from this list about biker/baseball shorts...those
spandex ones with a pocket.  That would work well too but I'm not sure if
you'd want that on under your wedding dress ;)  Above all, make sure you
practice whatever you plan BEFORE the big day.  Also practice going to the
bathroom in your dress with your pump hooked up the way it will be.  Believe
me, it helps!  Good luck and congrats!!
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