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[IP] Re: Pumps and wedding gowns

Subject: [IP] Pumps and wedding gowns

 Anyone have any suggestions of where to hide my pump underneath a wedding

Congratulations on your wedding, Kim!  May I suggest you have your
seamstress add an "in-seam" pocket to the side seam of the skirt of your
wedding dress, (assuming its a full skirt).  Then ask her to leave a slit in
the seam inside of the actual pocket piece, towards the top.  Hopefully you
use a disconnecting infusion set.  The day of the wedding, as you put your
dress on, disconnect your site, put dress over your head, put your pump in
the pocket and thread the line through the slit in the pocket seam and on to
your site.  Longer tubing might work better.  This way, you can reach in
your pocket, slip out your pump and bolus as needed, or even put your hand
in your pocket and audio bolus.  Just remember, with a lot of reception
noise going on, sometimes its hard to hear.  If you are wearing a fitted
dress, you might try wearing an "extra" bridal garter on your Other leg,
just below your knee, (the best "stay-on" spot with hose on)  Clip your pump
on it, or have a little satin bag that could hold your pump sewn to attach
to the garter.  Oh, how sweet!  I'm getting all Vklempt just thinging about
a wedding.  You will be a fabulous bride, I'm sure. Best wishes,
Martha and Anni Mae
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