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RE: [IP] Re: diabetic comas

According to my ADA book it's called severe hypoglycemia and it also states
that you can go from losing consciousness to coma if not treated. Page 164
in "American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes". In speaking
about severe hypoglycemia "they (those around you) can save you from a coma
and a trip to the hospital by insisting that you take some form of glucose
At this point, the diabetic is still conscious though confused and
irritable. Looks like comas
are involved with both ends....:)


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Well then what is it called when u loose consciousness because your blood
sugar is to low?  I though a "diabetic coma" was that you loose
consciousness because you blood sugar was to low.

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It seems to me that the community of diabetics has distorted the
original meaning of "diabetic coma", and apparently the medical
community is letting them get away with it. I started out with a
legitimate diabetic coma in 1942 so I've been there. I was taught that
diabetic coma is unconsciousness due to very high ketones and very
abnormal chemistry along with very high blood sugar. Unconsciousness
due to very low blood sugar is very different, and requires very
different treatment. By referring to unconsciousness due to low blood
sugar as "diabetic coma" or "coma", you guys are just helping to
confuse the rest of the world, and making it more difficult for
diabetics to get the treatment they really need. If you persist in
calling unconsciousness due to low BG a "coma", I refuse to go along
with the confusion.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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