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Re: [IP] my war with my body


If your basal is so low (and even lower with exercise), why don't you 
disconnect from your pump and just bolus for corrections and food? When 
Jenny is exercising intensely with high school sports or on beach days 
her basal is cut significantly.

Do you feel your lows coming on at all? Could you carry your glucometer 
and glucose tabs with you when you are hiking around the retreat center? 
Maybe in a fanny pack or small backpack? I try to get Jenny to keep 
things with her all the time.

Also, you did not mention if you reduced your correction ratio during 
times of exercise. We find that Jenny's overall senstivity to insulin is 
much higher with exercise (or heat) Is it warmer than you are used to at 
the retreat? Maybe your correction is too high for the conditons you 
were in.

Do you have a CDE that you can consult with? Having lows in public is 
really embarrassing. I'm sorry you are having to live with this.

My suggestions are probably not any new ideas for you, but I hope they help.


Miki Tracey wrote:

>Before i begin my rant, i'd like to beg those of you
>who feel i'm whining or otherwise just think i should
>grow up to simply erase this email.  I get insulted
>almost every time i post to this list, and to be
>honest, i don't need it.  Not when i'm trying to keep
>from dying.
>Ok.  So i buckled down and found a way to maintain
>better control.  in two months i've dropped a point
>from my a1c.  However doing so has revealed basal rate
>and other issues.  One of them keeps trying to kill me.
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