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Re: [IP] my war with my body

> So again, what's left?
> Does anybody do high exercise weekend trips?  How do
> you keep from crashing?

Hi Miki,

What works for Lily + soccer is to turn basal rates down with new, 
reduced basal rates for anywhere up to 24 hours after the exercise 
period. She does some pretty intense stuff and before she started 
doing this, I was waking her in the middle of the night and finding 
her bg's very low -- once I found her unconcious -- scared the crap 
out of me. Anyway, this seems to work well. I can't (and wouldn't 
anyway) advise particular % or ## units of reduction. That's for you 
to figure out by trial and error and with the help of your medical 

BTW, you'll note that I did not say a "temporary" rate. She sets new 
rates that are lower by a tenth or two and resets them in a day or so 
after she sees her bg's start to rise a little. (507c)

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