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Re: [IP] Pumps, wedding gowns & thigh strap

I apologise, as I haven't been following this thread, and I don't know if
this has been suggested.....

If you are easily offended by discussions of women's undergarments, delete
this email NOW....

...  I find that if i have a traditional garter belt (the kind that goes
around my waist, and has straps to hook to stockings) and then I buy the
"stay up" thigh high stockings from our friend Vicky (Victoria's
Secret) the combination of the "stickiness" of the stockings, with the
garter belt to take the extra weight, provides a very secure and descrete
place to keep my h-tron+ tucked away under just about any skirt or

*turn on the oversharing light* and certainly my boyfriend thinks the
whole garter-belt stockings thing is very sexy...  *oversharing light off*


Jessica Marder
email @ redacted
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