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Re: [IP] my war with my body

Miki -

You may have to work even closer with your doctor and document exactly how
the activity affects you (i.e. how much exercise, what you had to eat
beforehand, etc.)  Setting a temp basal rate could help.  But the best
advice I've ever received from a doctor is to just always 'walk with food.'
Staying with a high bg as a precaution is a good idea, once in a while, but
if you do it often, it will likely end the same every time.  I bike almost
every day, and my blood sugars plummet, but instead of having water in my
bike's bottle holder, I have gatorade, and it keeps me relatively stable.
That way, I actually get the positive effects of exercise (like INCREASED
energy!)  But my body just might not be as sensitive to insulin as yours.

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Subject: [IP] my war with my body

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> Before i begin my rant, i'd like to beg those of you
> who feel i'm whining or otherwise just think i should
> grow up to simply erase this email.  I get insulted
> almost every time i post to this list, and to be
> honest, i don't need it.  Not when i'm trying to keep
> from dying.
> Ok.  So i buckled down and found a way to maintain
> better control.  in two months i've dropped a point
> from my a1c.  However doing so has revealed basal rate
> and other issues.  One of them keeps trying to kill me.
> I exercise slightly irregularly. (well, regularly AND
> irregularly)  Every month or two in the summer i go on
> a retreat at which i exercise simply by being there,
> and walking up the hill to the bathroom, and over to
> the volleyball court, and up the hill to the pool.  I
> try to maintain a slightly higher sugar because of it.
> But even though i carried a 200 all day as soon as i
> tried to bring it down, i crashed.  And honestly, my
> friends really don't need this.  Not to mention
> whatever long term effects constant diabetic comas
> cause to my body.
> I'm tired of crashing.
> I'm tired of seeing my boyfriend's face when i wake up
> soaked and freezing in the hallway wearing an oxygen
> mask and an IV.  I'm tired of scaring people, keeping
> them up because they're trying to make sure i wake up,
> and realizing that again, i could have died.  I'm tired
> of being the example held up by those men who "don't
> want the caretaker part" about which somebody else was
> ranting last month.
> The absolute only thing i could have done different
> would have been get up, go up the hill to where i'd
> left my meter and test at bedtime.  And if my sugar had
> been over 100, since it was 203 at 8pm it could have
> been, then what?
> I'm past the upset period where i'm grasping for what i
> can do, thankfully, this post last night would have
> been far less coherent.  But I need options.  the
> exercise isn't going away, the trips aren't going away,
> my basal rates are 100% better (though i don't think
> they're 100% right yet) and i'm eating right...
> So what's left?  I spose i could have had fudge
> saturday night, but i passed on it because i'm trying
> to eat right, and because of another disease i have
> that makes eating anything i didn't make slightly
> dangerous.  i ate light yoghurt for desert.  RIGHT
> before bed.  All of my meals were slightly oversized,
> and i took a sum total of six units of isulin as
> boluses all day. (i usually take 12-14)
> So again, what's left?
> Does anybody do high exercise weekend trips?  How do
> you keep from crashing?
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