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[IP] Minimed Sof-sets available

 I recently upgraded from a Minimed 507C to a Paradigm. After getting the
Paradigm and new infusion sets, I realized that my leftover old reservoirs and
sets won't work with the Paradigm due to the waterproof luer. I can't exchange
them through Minimed since I didn't purchase them directly through them, but
rather through Merck-Medco. Unfortunately, Merck-Medco can't do exchanges.
Therefore, I'm stuck with six unopened boxes each of reservoirs and sofsets that
work with either the 507C or 508. The Sofsets are the micro, 6mm cannula with
the 24 inch tubing. Ideally I'd like to exchange them for Paradigm reservoirs
and infusion sets (any model will do - sofsets, quicksets or Silhouettes), but
if that's not possible, then I'll either sell them for a nominal fee (hopefully
to recover my copayment), or even give them away for the cost of shipping,
rather than have them go to waste. Please contact me directly if you're
Pam. Dxed 1989, pumping 10 yrs. Satisfied Minimed customer.

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