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Re: [IP] Free Insulin

I was on regular and ultalente up until about 2 years ago. I was switched to 
humalog and lantus at that time. I asked about a pump and he said maybe. About 
a year into seeing him my insurance changed and he was not on the list of 
 providers. I saw my GP from time to time for hgAlc and perscriptions. 4weeks
I asked him about the pump. He didn't know much about them but said if I got 
 him some info he would look into it. A week later MM in his office and I had my
pump 3 days later. Had my training 5 days later and have been pumping with 
the MM 508 now since 07-08-03. I love it, but have not used the remote yet.
( I took care of my self for about 15 years prior to seeing the endo, no 
 insurance, not suggested means of care by any means, but having a great
of your health  issues helps a whole lot. I have been diabetic since age 7 and 
have pretty much been in control of it myself since the begining. I feel it is 
the best thing a parent can do for their child.)

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