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Re: [IP] BD Logic

I had ten free strips that came with it, and of those I got a lot of
tests that read "error" and a number after it, which I don't now
remember. I just seems like a lot of them errored out, as compared to my
FreeStyle, where I never seem to get error messages.  Jan had an
explanation that might be true of how the strips might work, but for me,
it just was too high of an error rate.  My insurance company isn't going
to give me that many extra strips or I'm going to have to get a lot
better at testing. I'm used to the fast and easy FreeStyle.  I've also
used the One Touch Ultra and it is also fast and easy.  Never got errors
with that one either.  

If you can get a free one from MM, get it and try it out and see how you
like it.  Some people really like it and don't seem to get a lot of
errors, so maybe it's just me.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I haven't tried the BD Logic, but thought that if my One Touch Ultra 
> would die, I would try it.  What about it do you all not like?  From 
> the descriptions, it SEEMS like it is better than all other meters...
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