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Re: [IP] mail order insulin

I think they should put an indicator in the package that shows the highest
temperature the container has reached.  I think that would be possible.  UPS
hands the box in a clear plastic bag on my fence when I am not home.  I also
worry about freezing when they put too many ice packs in the box.  Is that

>>> email @ redacted 7:47:03 AM 7/20/03 >>>
ah, you guys,  it is not just the companies YOU have listed, we have had two
NOT yet listed, and they both 'tried' using regular mail.  Sure, it was in a
'cooler-Styrofoam style box' and had ice packs, but gee whiz, if it is 100
outside all day, and I have a black mail box and get home in the
evening...duh.....and who knows what happened since it left hte plant

each time I have called, they have sent out the new stuff and then sent me a
return label to return (in the last container) to them......I just hope thy
don't try to re-sell /re ship it to anyone else :-(

Also, how about the days when it is below freezing outside, but the meds are
shipped from a warmer place, so that I find them 'frozen'

I guess that I have made believers out of this last company, because we went
from regular mail to FedEx, with signature (so it is not left outside!!) in
only 3 bad shipments.

Sure wish I could run out in Spring or Fall, but alas, it never seems to
work out that way!!
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