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Re: [IP] Free Insulin.

>hmmm NPH and Regular, throw them into the garbage! I really hope NO-
>ONE uses these old fashioned stuff anymore! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
>BTW I heard a good one, 'NPH' stands for Not Particularly Helpful!
>Rabbi Hirsch Meisels

Well, I agree with you on the Regular...but I have to DISagree about 
NPH.  I found that I could get far better control with NPH than on 
Lantus.  I only stayed on Lantus due to convenience of it...but I was 
never able to maintain the control as I could with NPH.  With NPH, I 
have 4 shots a day so that I would have custom basal rate in a sense.  
With Lantus, you have no control of that, since there are no peaks, and 
it lasts so long.  I managed to get a 6.9 A1c with the 4-shot NPH 
regimen.  Lantus, however, my lowest was 7.1.  

I would hardly call NPH "old-fashioned".  :-)

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