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[IP] Subj:Warrenty on Paradigm, ?, the new one died!

Subj:   Warrenty on Paradigm, ?, the new one died!
Date:   7/21/2003
To: <A HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A>

Hi all.  I've been "off" the list for quite a while, but I wonder if a few of
you could fill me in.  I had 8 good years with a 506, followed by 1 plus
years with the 508 before the trade in for the Paradigm in Jan 03. 

Tonight it just failed out of the blue,.... it's in some sort of feedback
loop that doesn't recognize that it's already been filled and primed and tells
to do it again and again.  Anyway, Minimed is sending a "refurbished"
Paradigm, new casing and updated software apparently.  But it appears that the
time they'll replace with a new one (according to the rep I spoke with today
the company) is if it fails within the first month.

Having spent a little time in the pumper archives tonight I've seen an
unhappy reference to this company attitude, but I haven't been able to catch
much of
the original information behind all of this.  I've caught on to the "old" and
the "new" ? software (version 1.7 or 1.8) and now, 2.0?n  What else can
anyone tell me?

In case you didn't catch on (ha!) I'm not pleased with the premature death of
my Paradigm, and am surprised and irritated with the company attitude that at
6 months, my $6,300 medical device's warrenty gives me a refurbished pump.  I
had a significant out of pocket cost for a new pump, not to mention,
irritating and prolonged interactions with insurances for approval and
Despite the newer things coming out on the market, I really wanted this one to
the 8 years or so that the last one lasted. <Sigh>  End of rant.

Silver lining?......I get to go from the blue case to the clear one that I
had wanted, and I hear that the newer case design lets you use a clip more
the 508.

Please cc a copy of any replies to my home email ...I'll get it a lot

Thanks all!

linda DM 33 years, pumping 10 plus
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