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[IP] Re: insulin mix-up

>>>At one time the insulin bottles (the labels and the cap) were color
They also all had different shapes for each variety. I don't know why they
stopped that.>>>

I remember when they had shapes - NPH was square, I think the Protamine Zinc
had 8 panels on the shoulder, Reg. was round, and don't know the rest. The
colors were Red or Green - to match the colors of the syringe markings. Red
was U-40 and Green was U-80 so you didn't get the amounts mixed up. I have a
2-colored glass syringe so you could use it for either strength as long as
you matched the label color with the correct markings for the right dose. I
don't know why they stopped that either, but I recall many blind people were
disturbed because the reason for the shapes in the first place was to feel
the bottle knowing it was the right one. I guess it's called *progress*!

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