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Re: [IP] Re: Researching the Pump (its partially up to you)

I still have the same endo, about 1 year ago he put me on Lantus and
Humalog, i admit this
did a better job than Humalin N. However it was the CDE that really
convinced me to go on
the pump. The endo thought i could control it with shots...HA HA. But he
did write the
prescription for the pump.

As was stated previously, you need to educate yourself, your goals may
differ from
your endo or cde.  


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>there are just some things in life, y'a gota' do by yourself (maybe with 'a 
>little help from your friends') !!
>i like my endo, but shes still livin' in the 70's
>(though, she IS the one, about a year ago, who suggested lantus.....)
>BUT, it was my 'Blessed' CDE, who first turned me on to novolog,
>and then ask me, why i wasnt pumping.....
>aint a day goes my, i dont stop for a second, and thank my cde....
>my endo, had little or nothing to do with the Decision to  go on the pump....
>one of the top 10 really great things, to occur, in my life....
>BTW.... my end, is still my endo, and, she WAS the one, who sent me to a 
>"pump friendly endo",
>with no argument at all..... she never recommended it, but, she never 
>fought it for a second either....
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