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[IP] Re:Thallium Stress Test

On Sunday, July 20, 2003, Rose at <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I'll be going for a Thallium Stress Test in a couple days.  They said 
> it would
> take 3-4 hours, not to have any caffeine and wear comfortable shoes and
> clothes.  Any other suggestions or tips on what to do?  I plan on 
> doing a
> temporary basal and cutting down by 50% for an hour before and during 
> the
> test.
Well, YMMV, but I have had three or four Thallium Stress Tests since 
being on the pump, and I, personally, generally end up needing a bit 
more insulin, not less.  (There actually is stress, in more ways than 
one <gr.>.)  At the center where I have had it done, I don't believe 
they actually have me on the treadmill for more than 9 minutes, which 
is not really long enough to reduce my insulin need significantly.  
They infuse the Thallium a minute before they stop the treadmill.  Then 
there is a long period of lying still in the scanner, a long period of 
waiting around, and another long period of lying in the scanner -- 
that's what takes up all the time.

  "jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote

> BTW, you just lie there with a thallium stress test so no activity 
> involved
> that would cause you to go low.

Jan, perhaps they induced the stress by drugs for you, instead of the 
treadmill?  Since they told Rose to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, 
I imagine she is going to be on the treadmill, unless she has some 
other problem.  But, yes, after the initial stress, you do just lie 
there, and for a long time.

I've actually always been told to not eat before the test.

Linda Z
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