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[IP] Re: Pumps and gowns

Kathy, I am in the process of waiting for insurance approval, but had the
opportunity to wear one of those things that collects 3 days of glucose
readings, etc. and

I discovered on Sunday morning, that I did not own a single thing suitable
for church that I coudl wear (remember, this was just new the day before!!)
All the things in my closet ) upon closer scrutiny, now that I have the pump
in mind, are one piece, and may have pockets, but alas, that will not work,
easily, either )

I have been doing a lot of thinking, and decided that I could cut out an
opening from the back on the casual dresses that I have with sewn on
pockets, but anything new I buy (which is a rare occasion) will have to have

I made a dress for MY duaghter's wedding fo rme, and alas, it has NO pockets
and no access, either, so a modification will have to be in order if I
intend to wear it in the future (and it is fully lined, A line ARGH!!)

I just love all the talk about wearing it in the bra, as when I was changing
clothes with the MM glucose meter-thing, I hung it from there, but alas,
even though it is only slightly larger than any pump out there, it is WAY
too big for little ol' me to wear there...talk about people stopping you to
ask 'what is that?'      That would stick out much farther than anything I
have now and would be very obvious!!

I am paying attention for clothing ideas, too, from all of you who have been
there, doing that!!

----- Original Message -----
> I'll be shopping again for a gown to wear to my daughter's wedding in Dec.
> and will again be looking for a two piece outfit and then my son is
> married in Jan. so off to hunt again!!!
> Best of luck to you and your future husband and let us know what you
> to do so others will have it as a reference in the future!!!
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