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RE: [IP] Pumps and wedding gowns

first of all, let me congratulate you on your upcoming wedding!

I've tried the thigh thing and if you are wearing panty hose, it is sure to
start slipping, especially once you have to pull the pantyhose down to go to
the potty.

Too bad you didn't think ahead and got a two piece gown.  I looked high and
low for an outfit to wear to two recent weddings and would only look at two
piece outfits.  Best access to the pump so you can pump as you eat,
especially at cocktail hour.

Hiding your pump in your bra, even if you could, wouldn't be a good idea as
you can't just dig down to get it and pump for the food you are eating.
You'd have to excuse yourself to the ladies room.  (sorry men if you find
this offending or funny but it is a dilemma!)

You didn't mention whether you have an a line type gown or a pouf one.  I
think perhaps if you can have a little pocket sewn inside the gown towards
the bottom of the gown, you would have easy access to it to pump and it
won't be uncomfortable...or you can make a little pocket with a white
hankerchief and pin it to the inside of the gown.  Now how's that for an
idea???  Just popped into my head!!!

I'll be shopping again for a gown to wear to my daughter's wedding in Dec.
and will again be looking for a two piece outfit and then my son is getting
married in Jan. so off to hunt again!!!

Best of luck to you and your future husband and let us know what you decide
to do so others will have it as a reference in the future!!!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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