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[IP] Re: Re: IP "but im type 2"

hahahhah, you know?  I have read all these posts, and having been diagnosed
at age 42, they had no idea whether I had "late onset Type I" or "early
onset Type II".  I had the C-peptide test (which I had to demand by the way
and furthermore, the hospital had no test in its computer for serum, they
only had urine, and I had to yell at them until they found it) and it showed
that my pancreas was putting out next to nothing.  Now whether this meant
that I had Type II for sometime without symptoms and nobody knew it because
I didn't know it and it "burned out" my pancreas because of the insulin
resistance, or whether I had a late onset Type I, it will never be known.  I
controlled my supposed "Type II" diabetes with pills, exercise and a
strictly low carb diet for almost 3 years.  I mean, honey, I'm talking less
than 20 carbs a day.  I killed myself for an A-1-C of 7.0.  If I had an A-1C
of 7.0 I thought I was a blessed genius.  And then, my pancreas just gave
out.  I mean, it just gave out.

Almost immediately, I mean, we had to pull some insurance company strings,
almost immediately I went on the pump.  Last A-1 C?  5.8!  :-)  hallelujiah.
The only way to control this disease is with information, information,
information.  My doctor, god bless her, she asks ME for advice.  I say
"please Dr. Murphy, do this test or that test and please Dr. Murphy, check
this or that.  She is happy that I even ask her, because otherwise, I am not
sure she would know entirely what to ask.  Of course, the insurance company
will not pay for me to see an endo because, imagine my surprise, my blood
sugars are under control!  And why would that be?  Because I read, and ask
questions and wear an Animas R1000 and use it properly and don't eat bad
stuff and work out!  Right?  Of course right.  Love you guys.  Sorry for the
rant.  Bye bye.  Margaret
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