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RE: [IP] Researching the Pump

You are right most endo's done know there head from there ass when it comes
to pumping and same with most doctors.  The only way I was going to get on a
pump is if I keep my BG's between 80-130 for a year straight with shots.
Took me 4 years to find a good doc that will put me on the pump and ever
since I have been on the pump it has been great.  Most doc's and endo's are
scared that the pumps will help us more so we don't need to goto them much
more.  Most of them are assholes if you ask me

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My Endo, said "i think you can control this with syringes" i just want to
state this very clearly

Bullshit. I've been on the pump since late April and there ain't no
comparison. I'm not talking about the fact that you have to take x shots per
day and now you don't.

THERE is no way in God's good earth that shots compare with a pump. 

Change doctors, or do what ever but get a pump.......

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