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Re: [IP] Researching the Pump

My Endo, said "i think you can control this with syringes" i just want to
state this very clearly

Bullshit. I've been on the pump since late April and there ain't no
comparison. I'm not talking
about the fact that you have to take x shots per day and now you don't.

THERE is no way in God's good earth that shots compare with a pump. 

Change doctors, or do what ever but get a pump.......


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>Becky Fischer wrote:
>>My current doctor of 3 plus years has never mentioned my going on the pump.
>Becky,  I have been insulin dependent for 32 years and, like you, never had a
>doctor even mention the pump.  Go for it!  I did the research, got the
>required *proof* and have been pumping over a year now.  It's great.  You'll
>may have to find a pump friendly doctor to make it go smoothly, but it's
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