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Re: [IP] Apple Cake

 Well lucky you - people ask what it is - I only get a few kids who ask and no
adults no matter how bad I want them to ask - do I have to wear a sign that says
ask me??? I see people look - and I guess they either just assume its a pump r
they don't want to be rude.
 If I was just a tad braver I'd start anouncing myself and my pump everywhere I

 Mind you today when I was at the book store the man behind the till said "so
you checking your blood" - pointing at my pump I said ya and he said "we got a
girl in the back with one of those, thats why we have so much diet pop!"
I said oh Shauna's back there - he just laughed and said yep.
 He didn't really know what it did but he knew it was D related and I'da gotten
into the whole explaination but there was a lineup and I think Shauna would have
tried and he jkust didn't catch on.
 I love my pump sooo much and truely wished people would ask what it is so I can
talk about it more.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> "No", he
> says, "what's that thing you just did there on your belt?"  And so 
> it goes.
> Had to laugh.  Told him all about it.  Love my pump.  Have never 
> hidden it.
> (Never used the remote, either.)  LOL
> Lee and her Clear Paradigm
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