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[IP] Apple Cake

So, I'm in the lunch room at work and there's a new co-worker reading the
newspaper.  Our boss's wife has brought in an apple cake for us to share and I
serve myself a piece and sit down at the table.  I've been pumping a little
over a year now and, smooth as you please, I lift the flap on the pump case on
my belt, program in a bolus for the cake, close the flap and start to enjoy.
My co-worker drops his paper and asks, "What's that you have there?"  I reply,
"It's apple cake that Sherry made.  Try some, it's really good."  "No", he
says, "what's that thing you just did there on your belt?"  And so it goes.
Had to laugh.  Told him all about it.  Love my pump.  Have never hidden it.
(Never used the remote, either.)  LOL
Lee and her Clear Paradigm
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