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[IP] on the pill-women


I've been on the pill for "mental-pause"  have always had trouble with my bg
before period time...and severe headaches and usually DRASTIC blood sugar

In the past 2 years I've gone unconscious in a matter of 30 mins. because of
hormones and my blood sugar would be normal and I just ate...go figure...(and
the paramedics always Had to show up...hehe)

anyway, with the pill at least I know when the blessed event is
coming...before I didn't and it wasn't fun with blood sugars bouncing all over
the place...I know that someone else said that they just used the temporary
basal, that's how I have to do it...some months are fine, no bouncing blood
sugars other months...all over the place and terrible migraines that put me to
bed .  in all honesty the pill has helped the headaches (not cured them) and
helped me to know when it's coming...other than that I haven't noticed a
change in the blood sugars, other than probably better...

sorry to ramble, just MY experience....

have a great day and ALWAYS so very thankful for the day that I started on the

Rhonda Tyo
Type 1 for 38 years and pumping for 8....
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