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Re: [IP] Re: the pill and blood sugars

Marsha, I am no longer on the pill, I had a tubal 13 years ago after the
birth of my second child. On the pill, I had no periods but cycled with
emotions- at the time I didn't pay too much attention with the sugars. That
time period was all pre-pump and pre-human insulin - "Can't imagine going
back to the time when blood sugar was not important as now" but on the pill
menses were not right and blood sugar was not right either (as evidenced by
sleeping more, lack of activity).
I have been pumping and keeping track of pre-menstral sugars for the last 5
of 13 years which have shown my higher PMS rate dropping down to serious low
blood sugars during the actual menses. I know some women do the direct
opposite of dropping during PMS, it doesn't matter as long as a person is
aware of what is going on in their body and making changes. H
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> I'm not on the pill, but am 45 and have an AWFUL time with my blood sugars
>  around the time of my period every month. I have to increase my basal by
> .5 unit and then the second day after I start, my sugars drop like a bomb
> I forget to change the basal back.  I've had doctors tell me that I must
> eating more or the wrong things because of PMS, but I know that I'm not
> anything different.
> Stress also has makes an amazing change in my sugars.
> I would love to hear how other women deal with hormones and blood sugars.
> Marsha
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