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RE: [IP] Re: IP "but im type 2"

This sounds like a late friend of mine who used to tell me that since he was
in his 70's that he wasn't the same kind of diabetic as I was, therefore, he
only needed to test twice a week.  He ended spilling ketones at over plus 4
and died a short time later, all because he and his doctor didn't understand
the disease.


Wow, this one hits home. I have a friend in Oregon, he's taking four pills a
day of (i forgot what it was) His internist put him on a diet, and told him
to check himself once each morning.
I disagree, he should check at least 6 times at the beginning of this
therapy, how will anyone know if its working. Another uneducated.

He understands what he has but has no clue about what to do.

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